The 2013 OCARINA Annual International Meeting


4th March, 2014 (Tue.) 10:00-18:00
5th March, 2014 (Wed.) 9:00-12:00


10thFloor, Osaka City Univ. Media Center


4th March, 2014 (Tue.) 18:30-20:30
at 1st Floor, Osaka City Univ. Media Center, Wisteria (Restaurant)


The OCU Advanced Research Institute for Natural Science and Technology (OCARINA)

Supported by

Key Project of Osaka City University

Organizing committee

Advisory Board

Plenary speaker

Invited speakers

Invited speakers in OCARINA


Tuesday, 4th March, 2014
10:00~10:10 Opening Remarks
10:10~10:55 <Invited Talk 1>
"Mycoplasma, the smallest microorganism moves by a novel mechanism", Masato Miyata (Osaka City University)
11:00~11:45 <Invited Talk 2>
"Optical Functions of Plasmonic Nano-Antenna: Manipulartion of Nanopartciles and Photochemical Reactions", Yasuyuki Tsuboi (Osaka City University)
11:45~12:20 Lunch Break
12:20~13:20 <Plenary Lecture>
"Formation mechanism of arsenic contaminated groundwater in Ganga basin", Harue Masuda (Osaka City University)
13:25~14:25 Poster sessions
14:30~15:15 <Invited Talk 3>
"Synthesis of Organic Molecules with the Extended π-Conjugated System and Their Application to Electronic Devices", Yasushi Nishihara (Okayama University)
15:25~16:05 <Invited Talk 4>
"Construction of Biomimetic Model Compounds of the Actve Sites in Metalloenzymes Working for Dioxygen Reduction/evolution", Yasuhiro Funahashi (Osaka University)
16:05~16:20 Break
16:20~17:05 <Invited Talk 5>
"Electrophoretic adhesion for fabrication of 3D hydrogel devices", Takaaki Asou (Osaka City University)
17:15~18:00 <Invited Talk 6>
"Caenorhabditis elegans as a Model Host to Study Immunonutrition for Healthy Ageing", Yoshikazu Nishikawa (Osaka City University)
18:30~20:30 Banquet

Wednesday, 5th March, 2014
9:00~9:40 <Invited Talk 7>
"Oxidized Metal Phenoxide Complexes - Correlation of Electronic Structure and Reactivity", Tim Storr (Simon Fraser University, CA)
9:40~10:20 <Invited Talk 8>
"Identification of two quenching processes in the dissipative state of FCP antennas", Rudi Berera (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, NL)
10:20~10:30 Break
10:30~11:10 <Invited Talk 9>
"Formation of PSII-LHCII-LHCSR supercomplex under NPQ inducible conditions", Ryutaro Tokutsu (National Institute for Basic Biology)
11:10~11:50 <Invited Talk 10>
"Protein engineering for the creation of algae with high formate productivity", Masaki Ihara (Shinshu University)
11:50~12:00 Closing Remarks