The 2012 OCARINA Annual International Meeting
--- Launch of the Artificial Photosynthesis Research Center ---

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The OCU-Advanced Research Institute for Natural Science and Technology (OCARINA) sincerely invite you to its 5th International Conference as the 2012 OCARINA Annual International Meeting.

The annual meeting follows the very successful previous meetings. The 1st meeting was held at OCARINA in 2010. The third meeting was held just before the great East Japan Earth Quake (11 March 2011; The 4th meeting was held through 7-9 March). It past two and half years since the building and experimental facilities of OCARINA institute has been settled. Now we will have another facility at the 2nd floor of a newly built Comprehensive Science Research building. Even more the fully related Research Center for Artificial Photosynthesis (ReCAP) for the purpose of active Collaboration between Industry and University. Recently, it attracts very interest to utilize alternative and renewable energy sources. This Conference invites several important researchers from all over the world to discuss the real future of artificial/natural photosynthesis.

The Conference will cover the recent advances and novel progress in the field of Natural and Artificial Photosynthesis to celebrate the settlement of the ReCAP building. Our Institute, OCARINA and ReCAP will walk together with the Research Organization for the 21th Century of Osaka-Prefectural University(OPU). The project of Artificial Photosynthesis for practical achievement is so important and should be co-worked with vicinal Universities. It is our great pleasure to collaborate OPU for celebrating the future partnership.

Finally, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to Osaka City University for the financial support to host this important conference.


4-6th March, 2013


10thFloor, Osaka City Univ. Media Center

Organizing committee

Advisory Board

Plenary speakers (Presentation: 50 mins, Question & Answer: 10 mins)

Invited speakers (Presentation: 25 mins, Question & Answer: 5 mins)

Invited speakers in OCARINA (Presentation: 25 mins, Question & Answer: 5 mins)


18th February 2013
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Monday, 4th March, 2013
09:30~ Opening reception
10:00~10:05 Opening Remarks
10:05~10:15 Message from Michio Miyano (Vice-President of Osaka City University)
10:15~10:45 Masakazu Anpo (Osaka Prefecture University)
10:45~11:45 Plenary lecture - Jun Miyake (Osaka University)
11:45~12:45 Poster sessions & Lunch Break
12:45~13:15 Shigeyuki Masaoka (Institute for Molecular Science)
13:15~13:45 Tim Storr (Simon Fraser University)
13:45~14:15 Shoko Matsushita (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
14:15~14:30 Break
14:30~15:30 Plenary lecture - Bruno Robert (CEA Saclay)
15:30~16:00 Ritsuko Fujii (Osaka City University)
16:00~16:15 Break
16:15~16:45 Yuji Furutani (Institute for Molecular Science)
16:45~17:15 Miwa Sugiura (Ehime University)
17:15~18:15 Plenary lecture - Nobuo Kamiya (Osaka City University)

Tuesday, 5th March, 2013
09:00~10:00 Plenary lecture - Wolfgang Lubitz (Max Plank Institute for Chemical Energy Coversion)
10:00~10:30 Yoshimasa Fukushima (Osaka City University)
10:30~10:40 Break
10:40~11:10 Daisuke Kosumi (Osaka City University)
11:10~11:40 Shoji Mitsuo (University of Tsukuba)
11:40~13:40 Artificial photosynthesis forum, Poster sessions, & Lunch Break
13:40~14:40 Plenary lecture - Leroy Cronin (University of Glasgow)
14:40~15:10 Masahiro Sadakane (Hiroshima University)
15:10~15:40 Rudi Berera (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
15:40~15:50 Break
15:50~15:20 Kentaro Ifuku (Kyoto University)
15:20~16:50 Hiroshi Ishikita (Kyoto University)
16:50~17:50 Plenary lecture - Jian-Ren Shen (Okayama University)
18:00~ Banquet

Wednesday, 6th March, 2013
09:00~10:00 Plenary lecture - Osamu Ishitani (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
10:00~10:30 Masayuki Yagi (Niigata University)
10:30~10:40 Break
10:40~11:10 Masakazu Hirotsu (Osaka City University)
11:10~11:40 Masako Kato (Hokkaido University)
11:40~12:40 Poster sessions & Lunch Break
12:40~13:40 Plenary lecture - Ryu Abe (Kyoto University)
13:40~14:10 Toshio Asada (Osaka Prefecture University)
14:10~14:20 Break
14:20~14:50 Kenji Kano (Kyoto University)
14:50~15:50 Plenary lecture - Yutaka Amao (Oita University)
15:50~ Closing Remarks